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Get Fastest PHP Hosting With DigitalOcean Servers in India | Cloudways

digitalocean php
It is evident that in 2018 running a slow website means your business will soon be history. With so many parameters pointing toward speed, agility, and customer-centric design, getting the fastest PHP hosting solution has become a necessity for anyone looking to prosper in the digital arena, especially in India. With 35 percent population online, […]
The Symfony Showdown: Benchmarking with PHP 7.0 and 7.1 | Cloudways

Symfony 4 is a hot topic these days and I have covered the topic in several previous articles. Since Symfony continues to be the choice for web development projects, I decided to benchmark Symfony 3.x and 4.x for PHP 7.0 and 7.1. For the purpose of the benchmarking process, I decided to test out the […]
Getting Started with Vue.js in Symfony | Cloudways

symfony and vue
Virtually all web application projects, now require a reasonable portion of logic to be executed on the client side. Symfony as a set of reusable PHP components and a web application framework is not exempted from this trend. As a PHP developer who uses Symfony regularly, I have had a hard time choosing from the […]
Install Symfony 4 On Cloud | Cloudways

symfony 4
Continuing its emphasis on diversity, Symfony has recently published a major release which greatly improved the entire concept of standard Symfony application. This release provides a simple directory structure with less dependencies resulting in fast application development. The new release gives the feel of Silex in its structure.   The good news is that Flex […]
Adding Push Notification in PHP With OneSignal and Toastr | Cloudways

php push notifications
In a previous tutorial, I developed a chat application using Pusher and discussed the process of setting up a Pusher account and testing the responses of the app. In this tutorial, I will show you how to add browser and push notifications to the PHP chat app. I will use toastr.js for browser notifications and […]
Create a Real Time Chat App with Pusher in PHP | Cloudways

php chat app
Almost every developer has created a chat application early in the career. Oftentimes, this app is used by the friends and family to chat with the developer. However, chat applications have now progressed way beyond the student project stage. Many businesses use a chat app to communicate in real time with the customers and other […]
Follow These Brazilian PHP developers on Twitter | Cloudways

brazilian php devs
Today in 2018, few people realize that PHP is almost 23 years old. It is a testament to the robustness and versatility of the language that it continues to enjoy a major share in the web and application development industry. Like every other language, the strength of PHP lies in its community. It is the […]
Automate Symfony Deployment on Cloudways Through Envoyer | Cloudways

Developers have different options and tools to create automatic deployments for their projects. These automatic deployments options ensure that no time is wasted on adding new coding blocks manually between the files on Live server. The good news is that developers choose from a lot of deployment tools now including DeployBot and DeployHQ. For the […]
How to Host Symfony on Linode Using Cloudways | Cloudways

Linode is the newest addition to the already robust options of Cloudways cloud infrastructure providers that include Vultr,DO, AWS, Kyup and GCE. The Cloudways users now have another great option for hosting their Symfony 3.x & upcoming Symfony 4.x applications on the robust Cloudways Platform. Previously I ran a series of articles on Symfony covering […]
Here’s How to Host PHP Applications On Linode Servers | Cloudways

Cloudways is increasing its infrastructure by adding more server providers. Previously you have five providers including  Linode, Vultr, Amazon, Kyup, and GCE to launch PHP servers on but a new addition to the family is Linode. Recently Linode is also integrated into Cloudways infrastructure so you can now launch PHP server onLinodee via Cloudways managed […]
Integrate CloudwaysCDN With Yii2 Applications | Cloudways

Cloudways recently launched its own CDN service in partnership with StackPath. Known as CloudwaysCDN, it is an all new, global network with built-in WAF, DDoS protection and flat global pricing of just $1 a month. Previously I have covered how CloudwaysCDN integration with Symfony. Today, I will demonstrate how to integrate CloudwaysCDN with Yii2 applications. […]
Create a Custom Dashboard Using Woocommerce PHP REST API | Cloudways

woocommerce rest api php
These days, software and platforms expose API to enable other applications interface with the core application. Developers use API to create custom interfaces and dashboards. I have previously covered REST API in my previous articles. In this article, I will demonstrate how you could easily create a custom WooCommerce dashboard. Although this dashboard will be […]
Magdalena Banasiak Discusses Sylius, Her Software Development Career And Ecommerce Platforms | Cloudways

I am delighted to have Magdalena Banasiak for an interesting interview with Cloudways. Magdalena is currently working as a Project Manager and Documentation Lead at Sylius. She is pretty diversified when it comes to skills in software development and software project management. In addition, her understanding of software documentation is exceptional, and she maintains Sylius […]
Leverage the Power of CDN in Symfony 3 Applications | Cloudways

Over years, Symfony has consolidated its position as the preferred development framework for PHP projects. With the recent release of Symfony Flex, the framework is now in a great position to help developers launch RAD enabled apps quickly. At Cloudways, we try to facilitate Symfony developers in launching their projects without worrying about the hassles […]
Pass Data From One Function To Another In Same Codeigniter Controller | Cloudways

pass data in controller in codeigniter
A controller often comprises of several functions and often the module’s logic demands passing data between the various functions of the Controller. This is a common enough scenario in many Codeigniter projects. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how you could pass data between two functions within the same Controller in CodeIgniter. In addition, I will […]
Using Symfony Flex On Cloudways for Symfony Application Management | Cloudways

symfony for RAD
PHP has maintained its lead by introducing new features that try to keep up with the emerging trends in the dev world. In particular, frameworks such as Symfony ensures that developers have access to newest and latest tools for RAD (Rapid Application Development). This is why many managed hosting solution providers including Cloudways have made […]
PHP 7.1 Powered Hosting now Available on Cloudways | Cloudways

php 7.1 on cloudways
Cloudways has integrated support for PHP 7.1 into its Platform. Cloudways offers managed hosting for a range of PHP powered applications including WordPress, Laravel and Symfony. We realized that we had our work cut out for us. We had to make sure that PHP 7.1 works perfectly with each application, so that our customers do not […]
Codester : Marketplace For Premium PHP Scripts, Themes, App Templates and More | Cloudways

php scripts by codester
Introduction When you’re setting up your website, it’s important to be aware of all the aspects of how your website looks and how it operates. In case you’re using the website to promote your business, there’s no question about the need for smooth flow and quick response each time a visitor clicks anywhere on your […]
Build a Fully Functional Facebook Messenger Chatbot in PHP |

Over years, we humans have solved our problems by talking it out. Chatbots are the continuation of this tradition in the digital age.

Chatbots have become an important trend in customer ser...

How to Deploy Github Code Automatically. |

Github is the new open source game changer in application development. You can host your code on GitHub and do amazing things including branching, Reviews, PR, Push and Pull. Github also provides a...

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